Top 3 Documents to Protect at Home

During the dreary winter months many of us don't consider the potential damage from disasters like fire and flood. Are you well protected? Let's get you and your family ready by reviewing the top documents in your home to keep safe from damage.

1.  Passports - These can be damaged easily and rendered un-scannable if stored recklessly. Be sure to keep yours in a safe dry place where you can readily grab them in a moments notice.

2. Birth Certificates - Often times life necessitates providing proof of birth, often at inconvenient times; insurance and medical situations come to mind. Keeping these where you can have quick access can help reduce your frustration level. 

3. Social Security Cards - Do you carry yours in your purse or wallet? You're at risk of identity theft big time! Instead keep your cards tucked safely away at home.

With all three of these be sure you keep them secure in a protective container. Fireproof Bags by Thomas & Bond are both fireproof and waterproof and will protect your documents from fire and flood damage. They will protect these items as well as your legal sized papers, treasured photos, family jewelry and cash.  No one ever plans for disaster to strike. Don't delay, get prepared today!